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Protecting your finances is an important part of planning for the future.

Building generational wealth requires constant examination of estate concerns and a deep understanding of estate law. Nelson Law Firm PC has the legal expertise to offer clients a unique service that ensures assets are distributed properly upon death, avoiding probate. The Legal Services practice frequently meets with clients to adapt estate plans per clients’ requests. Although the Law practice specializes in Estate Planning, we can also do much, much more. We also actively consult during many financial transactions, particularly during the sale of a business or any other event where money is in motion.

We believe our clients are best served by integrating the primary financial professional in their lives. Together our family of companies provides our clients with CPAs, tax professionals, attorneys, financial advisors, bookkeepers, insurance brokers, and business consultants. Please note, however, that not all professionals maintain all of these licenses. Please carefully take note of our respective professional licenses, or ask for clarification, when engaging any professionals in our firm. Our goal is to provide continuous full transparency for our clients or prospective clients.