Heritage Advisors acquires Minyard & Co., P.C.

October 1st 2014 – PHOENIX, Ariz. – Heritage Advisors, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona makes strides to make their mark on the financial sector. They take pride in announcing the recent acquisition of  the Phoenix based accounting firm Minyard & Co., P.C.

The acquisition provides enhanced services to both the Heritage & Minyard clients. Heritage clients will gain the tax and accounting expertise of the seasoned Minyard staff, whereas the Minyard clients will be introduced to the cutting edge Heritages multi-discipline approach.

About Heritage Advisors.  Heritage combines tax, law, wealth management and insurance practices to provide an all encompassing client experience. Heritage offers some of the most innovative strategies in the industry, often reaching well beyond the natural limitations of any singular professional working in isolation.

About Minyard & Co., P.C.  – Minyard & Co., P.C. is a boutique tax and accounting firm that has always sought to provide it’s clients with full service capabilities. In a continuation of expanding those service capabilities, Minyard & Co. is  proud to have joined with Heritage Advisors, a multi-disciplinary practice of tax, law and wealth management services. The addition will provide enhanced accounting, trust, estate, tax, investment, insurance and wealth management to our clients.


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Michael Frost, Heritage Advisors: 602-569-9959